How to keep the love alive

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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You know you love your partner, but do you let them know often enough?
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There are many things you can do to keep love alive and fresh, even in a relationship that’s been going well for awhile. Follow these easy steps to refresh your romance.

If you’re in a relationship, you know it’s easy to relax when love blossoms. But just because things are going well now, doesn’t mean you should stop putting in the effort relationship-wise. All partnerships require work to make them successful.

So how do you keep the love in your life?

Say thank you
Showing appreciation for the little things is something that can fall by the wayside when a relationship passes from the honeymoon stage. But try not to take things, even the little things, for granted; it’s a sure-fire way to lose that loving feeling

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Compliment each other
Remember the reason you fell in love in the first place? The winning smile, the sparkling eyes, the way she dances, the way he always holds the door for you... Complimenting your loved one daily is a great habit to get into. Remind him of how handsome he is. Tell her that you appreciate something nice she did for you... Little things go a long way when it comes to love's longevity.

Three little words
You know you love your partner, but do you let them know often enough? It’s easy to assume that your partner knows they are loved by you. But there’s nothing nicer to hear than those three little words from the one you love. Say it often, say it with flowers, say it with passion, say it in a letter. Just remember to say it!

Make time for sex
Two busy people can equally be too busy for sex. But don't let the pressures of work and social commitments distract you from this essential part of a healthy relationship. While passion and lust naturally wane as a relationship becomes older, don't become lazy and complacent when it comes to your sex life. There's plenty you can do to keep the passion alive, just use your imagination.

Start dating again
Sound corny? But think back to the days when you were getting to know your partner for the first time. Remember the thrill of those first meetings, the candle-lit dinners, the long walks, talking all night about nothing and everything. There's no reason to lose that loving feeling, so help keep the excitement and anticipation in your love life by making a regular date with your partner.

You could spend the morning in bed reading the Sunday papers, then head off to a local market, antique shop or junk store and browse for hours. When you get home, why not cook a meal together following a favourite recipe?

Have your say: how do you keep your relationship alive?

User comments
Personally , I think if your really in love , nothing will ever brake what you and your partner ! Thats just what I reckon I LOVE MY BF , x est. 23.01.10 . was love at first sight ! x

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