Are your glasses damaging your sex life?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Are your glasses damaging your sex life? Image: Getty

Are you blinded from finding love and a great sex life because you wear glasses?

Spectacles wearers might find it's time to invest in contact lenses or laser treatment, says a recent study commissioned by Perfect Vision in Australia. It suggests wearing glasses can spoil your sex life and lower your luck in love.

The online study surveyed 1015 Australians aged 18 years and older and revealed 84 percent of glasses wearers would never wear their specs during sex and 55 percent of the people surveyed said they would never wear their glasses when going in for a kiss.

Women are more self-conscious than men about wearing glasses when having sex. Eighty-nine percent of women stated they would always remove their glasses before having sex compared to 79 percent of men.

But surely you'd remove them, along with your socks anyway... right?

Wearing specs could also affect your pick up rate the survey suggested, as 45 percent of glasses wearers would most likely remove their glasses for a first date.

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So are you blinded from finding love? 79 percent of Australians are wooed by the attractiveness and contact of a person's eyes but 61 percent of the people surveyed admitted they notice a person's glasses before they notice their eyes.

Only 6 percent of respondents think their partner would look better with glasses.

But it’s not all bad news for glasses wearers, scientists have reported that short-sightedness is linked to intelligence, agreeableness, openness and well-educated people.

Your say for spectacle wearers: what do you think of this study? Just a way to get people to sign up for laser eye surgery or real research?

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User comments
well, it is something like men are from mars, women are from venus... neither parties may be never discuss their partners likes or dislikes about specs before making love... virtually all my girl friends had glasses, they never slowed me or her down.. in fact it spiced up the things!
The tittle is somewhat misleading "..glasses damaging your sex life". This is an article on whether people are comfortable wearing glasses during sex NOT if doing so has any impact on it. Glasses can be sexy at times and no one will turn someone down over them. Dumb article... Don't scientist have something better to do?
While I don't wear my reading glasses anywhere near as often as I should (this could have something to do with simply being in my 20's and being appropriately hopeless for someone my age), I think that guys look great in glasses. I'm a fan. I would absolutely say leave them on in the bedroom. As well as looking hot it's a bonus to be able to see what's going on.
I laughed when I read this article, having glasses on during making love is a choice, nothing else. As for it making your sex life anything but pleasurable is nonsence. I've been wearing glasses since I was a teen they've never stopped me from having pleasures of any sort, just a bugger when swimming.. This is a ploy to get more people to have laser surgery and or use contacts. The 'Research" was done in Australia it really has no bearing here in NZ.. The researchers are groping around in the dark...
I find glasses on women more a turn-on. I love it when my woman wears her glasses in the bedroom.

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