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Rosalind Scutt
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Sex survey. Image: Getty

If you've ever wondered if your sexual habits and lifestyle are "normal" then wonder no more. A recent national survey strips back the sheets on matters of sex and attraction to reveal some startling naked truths.

Good Health magazine's recent Sex and Lifestyle survey quizzed hundreds of Kiwi couples on matters of sex, attraction, romance and lifestyle. The results provide some good news for the love-cynical as well as proving that there is indeed some truth behind some long standing generalisations.

The good news is that 95 percent of all people surveyed said their attraction still holds true, with 96 percent of men believing their partner is attractive (by contrast only 94 percent of women rated their partners similarly).

Regarding initial attraction, 58 percent of men said looks were important, versus just 35 percent of women who felt the same. Surprisingly just 6 percent of men said breasts were important as part of the initial attraction. Who knew?

Men are more confident being naked in front of their partner with 76 percent saying they're completely confident versus 46 percent of women who felt the same. It follows then that 33 percent of women want the lights off during sex — compared to just 16 percent of men.

Ninety-six percent of men and women enjoy spending time with their partner and 92 percent say they feel loved and cared for — possibly the same 92 percent who also say their partner is their best friend. Take that, you cynics!

In the fun stakes, 59 percent of women say they mostly enjoy having sex with their partner while 75 percent of men say they always enjoy sex with their partner — although 62 percent of men would like women to initiate sex more frequently (14 percent of women want men to do the same).

Thirty-nine percent of women would like their partners to help out more around the house versus just 6 percent of men. Should this actually happen I'm betting the 59 percent of women referred to above would cease to mostly enjoy sex and start to always enjoy sex — but please don't quote me ... I've done a lot of research on the issue of sex and housework but I'm no sexologist.

And one final stat for the cynics: 81 percent of respondents still hold hands in public.

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