Your say: how old is too old for kids to 'bed share' with parents?

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Friday, January 21, 2011
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Image: Getty
Angelina Jolie has inadvertently weighed into the bed-sharing debate by telling the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Australia's 2DayFM radio station she sleeps in the same bed with her children.

Jolie urged parents to cherish every moment with their children.

"Just enjoy every minute of it because it goes so fast and it is the best time in your life," she told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. "And strap them to you and hang out with them and sleep in the same bed with them and just love every second of it."

Co-sleeping, or bed sharing, is a divisive subject among paediatricians and children's health experts. Some claim it strengthens the bond between a parent and child while others suggest it affects the child's development.

Jolie and partner Brad Pitt have six children, three adopted children — Maddox, 10, Zahara, six, and Pax, seven — and three natural children, Shiloh, five, and twins Vivienne and Knox who are three in 2011.

Your Say: Do you share your bed with your children? How old is too old for children to sleep in the same bed as their parents? Share your thoughts.

User comments
I share my bed with my 4 year old when my partner isn't home or has gone out at the crack of dawn and woken our son up, i think it helps the both of us we still get enough sleep. And we both aren't grumpy and sleep deprived. I think it is totally Ok. he has slept with us since he was born basically he doesn't always come into our bed, but always knows he can when he is scared (or his old man has woken him up)

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