Tips for step-parenting

Step-families are a fast-growing family unit in New Zealand - but how can the adults in the family make them strong?READ FULL STORY step

Why breastfeeding is best

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Why breastfeeding is bestBreastfeeding has many benefits, both for babies and mothers, and the World Health Organisation recommends little ones are given breast milk for at least the first six months of their lives. Here’s why ‘breast is best’…

How to feed your picky toddler


How to feed your picky toddlerKids may refuse to try new things, be fickle in their tastes, liking a particular food one week and not the next, or refuse to go anywhere near a vegetable.

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Superfoods for pregnancyClaims of "miracle" superfoods like acai, jicama, wakame (wa-ka-what?) constantly fade in and out... Making friends at school can be tough. (Thinkstock)How to help your child make friends at a new schoolTrying to make friends can be nerve-racking for your child especially if they are starting out at a... Energy boosters for new mumsNew mum and Good Health nutrition contributor Angela Berrill sheds light on eating well post-birth.... Kourtney Kardashian talks exerciseKourtney Kardashian's top tip for shedding baby weight is to work out in the morning to avoid 'mum... 7 ideas to regain your figure post pregnancyNow that you have your bundle of joy in your arms, you may feel you want to regain your... Strange cravings during pregnancyThe cravings experienced by pregnant women range from none at all, to normal, to downright bizarre....

Heartburn during pregnancy: 10 surprising triggersHeartburn during pregnancy: 10 surprising triggersPregnancy can be a magical time of excitement and good health as the miracle of life develops within, but it can also be a time of extreme physical challenges, one of which is heartburn.

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