Are you a sun seeker or sun shader?

Sarah-Belle Murphy
Thursday, August 20, 2009
Sun seeker or sun shader? Image: Getty

Madonna and Kate Moss take a very approach to fun in the sun. Where do you stand on the sun bathing camp?

The effect UV rays have on our skin's ageing process, not to mention our health, is something that any savvy woman in today's world is well aware of. And while this knowledge sends some of us running for cover, for others, indulging in a spot of sun worshipping is just too tempting to resist.

Take the recent pap snaps of Kate Moss in St Tropez looking just a tad overdone. The evidence of sun damage is etched on her forehead, but will that dampen her penchant for basking bikini-clad on yachts? Unlikely.

The model is reportedly on a mission to shave 10 years off her appearance with a healthier lifestyle, after being shocked by the recent photographs. But as we all know, once damage has been done, reversing it is near mission impossible.

On the other end of the scale, and in the same week, Madonna was snapped in Italy hitting the beach in something only slightly more revealing than a coldwater wetsuit. The queen of pop, now in her fifties, is pulling out all the stops when it comes to preventing premature ageing.

She's allegedly going as far as wrapping her body in anti-ageing wraps before bedtime. Effective or not, it's a passion-killer in the extreme. There is no denying the star looks youthful half a century into her life, but at what cost? Well, whatever the price is of cosmetic procedures, extreme rituals and unflattering bathers, by all accounts.

While Kate and Madonna point to both ends of the sun-protection scale, it highlights the importance of looking after our skin as we head back into warmer months.

Your say: Are you a "Kate" or "Madonna" in the sun? Tell us about your approach to sun protection.

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