Top tips to clearer skin

By Amanda Spackman
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Top tips for clearer skin. Image: Getty

The key to gorgeous, glowing and blemish-free skin is knowing what tips and tricks you can do at home. There's no need to splash out on budget-breaking treatments or picking up a new pimple-fighting cream every time you go shopping, only to add it to your overflowing bathroom cabinet at home.

The secret is simple, to get control of your breakouts follow these fast fixes and you'll be on your way to a radiant complexion in no time.

1. Eat well
Eat your way to radiant skin by indulging in plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. They're packed full with vitamins and nutrients that will leave your skin glowing.

2. Change your pillow case
Every two to three days we recommend changing your pillow case. If you suffer from chronic acne, change daily to prevent oil and dirt from the night before getting in contact with your skin.

3. Don't squeeze pimples
As tempting as it may be, we recommend you don't squeeze. Picking and squeezing pimples and blackheads causes the infection to spread into the surrounding pores and can also leave you with scares and broken capillaries. Use a topical treatment such a Demalogica's Hit the Spot treatment pen ($40), and keep you little paws away from the infected area.

4. Don't cleanse your skin more than twice a day
Cleansing your skin more that twice a day can strip away your natural oils and will break down the epidermal barrier (the skin's outer layer), leading to increased sensitivity of the skin. As a result many problems could arise such as acne, dermatitis or eczema. Cleansing once in the morning and once a night is a safe option.

5. Go oil-free
When shopping for cosmetics choose an oil free foundation. We love Nars' Oil-Free Sheer Matte Foundation ($99); it's a non-drying and lightweight formula that gives good coverage and a soft natural, matte finish, plus it's enriched with vitamins A and E to condition and revitalise the skin.

6. Keep your fingers and hair away from your face
Who knows what and how many germs we carry on our hands? We suggest keeping you mitts away from your face at all times and try and slick your hair back away from you face as it also carries a lot of oil.

7. Avoid the sun
While many say the sun is good for your skin, it's simply just the tan that is covering the issue. The sun can actually inflame blemishes and make them worse; your pores start to open up and excrete more oil and sweat and dirt can easily make their way into your pores and create more inflammation.

8. Say no to chocolate
Good skin comes from what you eat and while some would say chocolate doesn't give you pimples, we beg to differ. As the saying goes "it's a moment on the lips and a lifetime on hips"; it's totally not worth it. Stick to a healthy fresh food diet and avoid nasties such as chocolates, soft drinks, chips and biscuits, etc.

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