Be a Healtheries Potato Bites road-tester

Friday, December 9, 2011
Image: Thinkstock and Healtheries
Get your crunch on and apply to be a Healtheries Potato Bites road-tester today.

We love snacks and we love healthy and we love it when the two come together in one perfect bite.

Healtheries Potato Bites are a tasty snack option that are made using real potatoes and are light, crunchy and utterly more-ish, but also get the nutritionist’s tick of approval with only 8% total fat.

The great news is that Healtheries is looking for 100 MSN Health readers to road-test these tasty new snacks for free. All you have to do in return is to come back and tell our readers what you think of Healtheries Potato Bites. Easy.

We need 50 people to try Healtheries Potato Bites Sour Cream & Chives and 50 people to try Healtheries Potato Bites Sea Salt. So get your crunch on and apply to be a Healtheries Potato Bites road-tester today — but be quick, once we’ve got our crunchers we’ll be at crunch capacity.

We've found 100 Health Hub fans to roadtest this product and they will be posting their reviews below soon. But if you have a comment about Healtheries Potato Bites, share it with our readers now.

Terms and conditions: This offer is open to New Zealand residents only. Employees of, Healtheries and their affiliates and agencies and immediate families are ineligible to participate. No responsibility is taken for lost, misdirected or incomplete entries. Qualifying participants who register to be a Healtheries Potato Bites roadtester will go in the draw to receive one of 100 free product samples. The promoter's decision is final. By accepting the samples, the participant consents to the promoter using their details for promotional purposes. The promoter is Healtheries. Comments on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of Healtheries or MSN NZ.

User reviews
Thankyou for the tester pack. Yes they were great. The bag was nice and big. They tasted crunchy and light and the flavour was good(i got sour cream and chives ) they tasted pretty healthy, not too much flavouring, but they werent bland like other brands, i definitely found them to be healthier than potato chips and tasted less oily. i would probably buy the product again (depending on the price of course!) thanks
Sorry people,look at the SODIUM content(not healthy!)
I received the Sea Salt flavour and was very surprised by them. They tasted great and were light and crunchy and very moreish. They were so nice we have gone on to buy more. Great job Healtheries
When I received this, I wasn't sure what to expect. I imagined it would be similar to all other Sour Cream and Chives flavours but I was pleasantly surprised! It was different slightly, in a good way! It was light, crispy and very yum! The flavour was light but also full of flavour! I definitely recommend this flavour for all Sour Cream and Chives fans! You'll be pleasantly surprised~ =)
Our family really enjoyed our Sour Cream and Chives ones. Good serving size inside packet (Hate it when you open a bag of snacks and it has less than half a bag in there!) They will definately be a regular purchase on shopping day
I've tried several chippie substitute in the past and have been less than impressed by almost all of them, so I was very curious to see how the new Healtheries Potato Bites would stack up. Before tasting I read the product information and was very pleased to see that one serve equates to a "snack" (about 340kj) not a whole meal. Given I am currently trying to lose weight, it meant that I could happily enjoy these without compromising my diet (BIG plus!). I had the Sour Cream and Chives flavour to try - the flavour was great, and the texture was almost melt in the mouth. A fantastic combo and a bit moreish, but then I didn't have to feel too guilty if I at a few more than I should. I did let my husband try a small number, but kept all the rest for myself! I highly recommend these, even if you are watching your weight. We these you don't have to feel like you are missing out!
My friends and I loved these bites. I was pleased with the sour cream and chive flavour- really good flavouring. Sometimes you can buy low calorie snacks and they taste like cardboard but these bites did not. I really liked that you could have a serve or two and not feel guilty about it afterwards. Great treat for someone who is watching what they eat. These make a great alternative to potato chips.More flavours please.
Thanks so much for the sample to try, my boys loved them (and so did I!!) I will definately be buying some in the groceries.
They were yum, they popped in my mouth... I like them thank you for letting me try them
They were really yummy and light and you could easily eat more but they are very great for enternment

Be a Healtheries Grain Wafers road-tester Be a Healtheries Potato Bites road-tester

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