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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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Love your body (Image: Getty)
October 16 is Love Your Body day! We asked the team at EDEN (Eating Difficulties Education Network) to come up with some tips to help us feel good about our bodies regardless of their size.

  • Be kind to yourself. No beating yourself up about your body shape
  • Stop dieting. Diets don't work
  • Exercise for the love of feeling your body move
  • Do something that your body enjoys - go for a swim, have a massage, indulge in a bubble bath…
  • Cook your favourite meal and enjoy every mouthful
  • Dress in ways that make you feel comfortable in your body
  • Participate in activities you enjoy - painting, listening to music, reading, walking…
  • Surround yourself with people you like and who appreciate you as you are
  • Laugh out loud - laughing does your body good and is contagious!
  • Live life out loud - dance, swim, wear shorts, enjoy a picnic…
  • Remember you are one of many body shapes in the world - celebrate the diversity of all body types!

If you live in Auckland, look out for the EDEN supporters who volunteered to have their bodies painted and will take to the streets on October 16 to support this great cause!

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