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When dieting, many of us cut out snacks to reduce our calorie intake. To keep your diet on track, check out these 10 snacks to keep you slim. READ FULL STORY slimming snacks

Kerr believes in treating your...

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Kerr believes in treating your body rightAussie supermodel Miranda Kerr believes in making healthy choices wherever possible.

How to budge the last five kilos


How to budge the last five kilosExpert advice to help you budge those last few stubborn kilos. Bonnie Vaughan has a recipe for success.

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Image: ThinkstockSay no to holiday weight gainIt's so easy to let the weight creep on during the holidays, but with a little bit of effort and... Image: ThinkstockThe good news about coffeeWorried your coffee habit may be harming your health? Here are a few good reasons you should savour... Stop overeating for goodHave you ever eaten so much you've had to loosen your pants? You're not the only one! Everyone, at... Is the way you eat making you fat?Wolfing down your meal can restrict the release of "full" hormones in your gut, meaning you... Low-alcohol wineThe advent of low-alcohol wine varieties poses the question: Why is it we drink it in the first... Make it to spring without gaining a kilo!If you've worked hard to stay slim and healthy over summer, it is possible to keep winter weight at...


Are your friends making you fat?

So you have a friend who has trouble with her weight. You sympathise, but at the end of the day it's her problem, right? Well, n...

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