Smoking in cars ban may not work: Turia

10:30 AEST Fri Jun 1 2012
Smoking in cars ban may not work: Turia
Smoking in cars ban may not work: Turia

Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia has admitted it may be too hard to ban smoking in cars.

Ms Turia has asked the Ministry of Health to look at the options around banning smoking in cars, but she says it might be too difficult to police.

She's suggesting self-policing could be an alternative.

"One of the ways we could do that is to encourage people who see people smoking in cars tooting to them," Ms Turia said.

Ms Turia is a strong supporter of action on smoking and the Maori Party co-leader wants to ban smoking in cars to help it get to its goal of New Zealand being smokefree by 2025.

The government announced a hike in tobacco tax of 10 per cent each year for the next four years in last week's budget, taking the price of a pack of cigarettes to around $20 by 2016.

Would you toot someone you saw smoking in a car? Have your say.
User comments
Straight up you cant turn this country into a SMOKEFREE country this will never work by 2025 firstly this aint your country all you did was made polices but did you claim it HELLLNOO, yous are tricks, if we wanna smoke in our cars in our homes wer allowed cause did you buy want we own HEEELLLNOOOO, who ever made this dumb rule up just letting you know this aint gonna work. now they wanna ban duty free cigarettes MEEEEEEAANNNNN ASSSSS JOKE! LMFAO... since you wana put 10% every year to increase the price of a cigarette ALGUDS! to the smokers start planting your tobacco lol cause your gona need it since the goverment wants to make changes to make them look good for nothing. I dont smoke but i have family members who do they say its bad for you but hey my grandad is 89 years old still smoking and he still looks good they say its bad for our health uhhhm yal need to get a reality check... cause your all eats.
Hell no! Its their car, who are we to tell them they cant smoke in their own car or house. Where is this going to end? Non smoker
There are around 20% of our population that smoke maybe we should form a political lobby and get rid of some of the party's that only get about 10% of the vote . If the government want to get rid of smoking they should as some one else said register us all as addicts . But a better way would be to make E-cigs less expensive and have us all smoke them . Banning smoking in cars is a good thing specially if children are in them , but to police it would be impossible.Most adults with children already ban smoking in there cars
The idea has it's points. But I think it should be that someone in the car is required to place a complaint, unless there's people in the car under a certian age (and no, let's not be our typical over-protective of youth selves and say 18. Something like 14 is far more reasonable for letting people decide for themself if they want to be around smokers). In other words, if police see a car full of adults and one or more of them is smoking a cigarette, they can't do *** if no one complains. Only if there's a kid or kids in the car.
F*** ewes, I'ma smoke in my home(my car) if I want to.
Yeah right! If so, what's next? Two children per family? So who's tax bracket going to go up too make up the loses from the tax on the tobacco. I really don't think the goverment can afford to ban tobacco, they make too much money from it. If this goverment can do that, I'm going voting for the other. What about tourism, how many will not come to NZ when if smokefree? The top ten country that smoke, nine out of the ten are from europe and at number seven, is Japan Give it up govermen,t you'll have no one coming into this country and even more leaving.
I absolutely agree that people should not be smoking in cars when children or non smokers are present but riding solo or with the permission of the passengers should be able to smoke till their hearts content. Tooting at people smoking in cars is ridiculous and asking for road rage incidents to occur. It is also illegal to use your horn "warning device" unless it is an emergency situation.
Hell yeah!!! ...make smoking illegal...register all nicotine addicts...and give them their daily fix with nicotine patches. Gotta stop the next generation from becoming addicts......!!!!
ppl come on i think its a good idea, u may have bought yr car and yr cigs but think of the earths health and the next generation, stop thinking of yr self and start thinking outta the box . i think its a good idea and should be banned and if u break it then u get a $300 fine hahaha! the government should make the rich poor and the poor richer and then things will be right again! think of the next generation of kids ppl!!!! its their world we r borrowing its not ours to own! please stop being selfish!
goverment has nothing better to do, im for sure not going to toot if i see some1 smoking in there OWN CAR, and well if i get a toot they'll sure get the finger from me! all ya here is ban smoking ban smoking but u here absolutliy nothing about the havoc alcahol causes????

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