Phone app to help manage asthma launched

03:03 AEST Tue May 1 2012

Asthma New Zealand hopes a smart phone application released on Tuesday can help asthma sufferers control their condition better.

Breathe Easy, launched in New Zealand as part of events to mark World Asthma Day, is aimed at helping reduce absences from work and school, cut hospital admissions and emergency visits to GPs and ultimately reduce asthma-related deaths.

The application allows people with asthma to check their peak flow readings, keep a symptoms and appointment diary, features automatic reminders of treatment, and allows the user to send management plans to their doctor.

"Developing an application that will enable people to record their asthma symptoms anytime, anywhere will lead to better asthma control and help people take the right steps to reduce the impact of asthma in their lives," Asthma New Zealand chief executive Gerry Hanna said.

One in seven New Zealand adults and one in four children have asthma symptoms, the second highest prevalence of asthma after the United Kingdom.

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