Kiwi actress tackles weight loss challenge

06:30 AEST Tue Apr 17 2012
Former Shortland Street actress Stephanie Tauevihi wants to shed 20 kilos.
Former Shortland Street actress Stephanie Tauevihi wants to shed 20 kilos.

Famous for playing Donna Heke in Shortland Street, actress Stephanie Tauevihi is now taking centre stage in her new role as the New Zealand ambassador for Jenny Craig.

The actress and singer who has “tried everything” to lose weight, wants to get back down to a healthier weight and regain the confidence she had on the small screen. She is aiming to shed 20 kilos.

“Like many mothers my age, I have been focusing on everything but my health,” she said.

“While I was busy with other things, my eating got out of control and the next thing I knew I found myself eating three pies a day.”

She said she is looking forward to losing the excess baggage.

“I just can’t wait to go and buy clothes and get myself a new wardrobe; I want to look and feel choice! I want to buy a bra that fits properly. I want my bath towel to go all the way around me and I want to look in the mirror without feeling fat and yuck. But more importantly I want to feel more like myself again.”

User comments
You go Girlfriend. I had gained about 30kg and it took perserverence and planning to shed all those pounds. Was happy to read your story as I too looked forward to wrapping a towel around myself and being able to tuck it in without having to hold onto it! You are worth it Stephanie and deserve to be the woman you want to be. The Power is within you!
I travel a lot,Stephanie Good Luck to the weight loss,just dont sit next to me on the plane when you're travelling please.
You still look great although at an unhealthy weight. I know how you feel, its like the weight creeps up on ya when you're too busy trying to run about after your skiddly-winks. Any-who, good onya for doing this Steph. Im sure you can do this
Good job- I'm sure you'll go really far and be feeling healthy in no time. I'm with you, though! Since becoming a mother I've put on about the same and so want to lose it- but not lose time with my girl... Balance i suppose. Will find it one day. Good luck xxx

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