All Black endorsed fitness bracelet slammed

08:54 AEST Wed Mar 28 2012
The Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against the sale of Power Brands, a $60 bracelet said to increase fitness (Getty)
The Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against the sale of Power Brands, a $60 bracelet said to increase fitness (Getty)

An advertising complaint has been upheld against the sale of a special bracelet said to increase your fitness and endorsed by All Black Hosea Gear.

Eken-owned Power Bands, selling for $50-$60, assert better strength, balance, flexibility and endurance by wearing the plastic band which contains four small round hologram disks.

In a written decision released by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) a person called A. Gilbey complains that the band is a scam, saying: "There is no evidence wearing what is essentially a rubber band can do anything related to improving performance."

In its defence, Eken says it does not "claim" holograms inside the bracelet increase performance but says this is merely a "statement".

Gear, who now plays for the Highlanders, features on the homepage of the Power Brands website wearing a Hurricanes rugby jersey.

Above a Hurricane's logo on the website reads: "I always have my Eken Power Band on for training and during matches to give me the edge I need when I'm out on the field."

The complaints board ruled testimonials were allowed but said Eken had failed to prove that the product worked.

"In its (ASA) view the illustration of the Eken Power Band at work showing the ability to maintain balance when standing on one leg [in a video on the company's website] was a clear demonstration of how the advertiser claims the product works, and as such the Advertiser should be able to provide evidence to illustrate how the use of the power band creates the stability."

In November 2011 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission requested Eken modify its Australian website so it clearly showed where an endorser had been paid.

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