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Thursday, February 7, 2013
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Trainers Jodie Arnot of Healthy Balance Fitness, and Amanda Ferguson of Blue Sky Health + Fitness share their top tips with us.

1. Find an activity you love. There are so many types of exercise – dancing, cycling, gym classes, boxing, martial arts, running, bushwalking, Pilates, yoga. There’s really something for everyone.

2. It's fine to be a beginner. Allow yourself time to learn techniques and to make mistakes.

3. Work out with friends Working out is more fun and often cheaper if you do it with friends – share the cost of a tennis court or personal trainer.

4. Motivation is everywhere. Magazines, fitness apps, blogs and websites are full of tips, guidance and inspiration.

5. Start slowly. Commit to just three sessions per week for the first six weeks and don’t be tempted to do more. You’ll just end up sore and sorry and want to quit.

6. Set goals Set goals that are important to you like being able to jog 3km by a certain date, and set weekly tasks that will help you get there.

7. Vary your exercise Varying workouts and mixing cardio and strength training is the best way to get results.

8. No excuses Don't make cost your excuse for not exercising. In terms of your health, you can’t afford not to exercise. Remember that walking, running, ocean swimming and doing bodyweight exercises are all free.

9. Something is better than nothing. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can cut heart disease risk by 50 per cent, says the Heart Foundation.

10. Doing thousands of crunches won't give you a six pack. It will just mean you’re capable of doing thousands of crunches. If you want to reveal a six-pack, you need to do cardio to burn fat, too.

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