Best exercises to tone chunky thighs

Amanda Spackman
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Exercises for chunky thighs. Image: Getty

Are you finding it hard to squeeze into your skinny jeans right now? Can't seem to shift that inner leg fat or shrink your thug thighs? Follow our top leg-heavy exercises and you'll have tight, toned pins in no time — and yes, those jeans might just zip up.

Don't be afraid that you are going to bulk up your thighs by working this area. Women do not have as much testosterone as men, so women will not bulk up like males. A failsafe way to work your legs leaner is to keep your weights light (think manageable lift, not feather-light) and increase the repetitions.

Dumbbell lunges
Start off with weights that have a little effort. Hold one in each hand by your side. Position one leg in front of the other and use your hips to lower the back leg so it's just slightly off the ground — this should form a right angle and you feel the muscle activate.

Hold for 2-3 seconds and rise back up. Repeat 10 times and swap legs. Do this three times of each leg and for a really tough leg workout superset your lunges by walking up and down on a box for 1 minute instead of resting.

Lunges are perfect for working your inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and your quadriceps.

Barbell squats
Barbell squats might take a little time to manoeuvre, but when you've got the style mastered it's a great way to get long and lean pins. Add light weights to the bar and rest it on your shoulders, grip the bar half way between your shoulder and the weight. Keep your back straight and look ahead, when you've got your balance and feet grounded, bend your knees and slowly lower your hips straight down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Using your legs, lift back up and repeat. Start of with three sets of eight and increase when you're feeling stronger.

Leg press
Sit on the leg press, adjust the seat so your legs are slightly bent and fine-tune the weight to a lady-like lift. Position your feet about shoulder width apart on the footrest in front of you and light grip the handles at the side of your seat. Slowly push the weight and straighten your legs, hold for a few seconds and release your legs back the initial bend. Do three sets of 15 and if you're finding it easy, increase the weight until your muscles are fatigued.

Outer-thigh exercise
Lie on your side and extend your grounded arm straight above your head. Relax your other arm wherever is most comfortable for you. Slightly bend your grounded leg and elevate and straighten the other leg slightly above your hip. Raise and lower the leg slightly above and then level with your hips 15 times and repeat on the other side. Remember to always keep your abdominal muscles strong and your buttocks tight.

Running with intervals
A mix of weights and cardio is key to getting slimmer and running with intervals will help fast track your weight loss. Sprint on the treadmill or in the park for 30 seconds and have a second break in between to really work the legs and butt. It's also great for increasing your fitness levels. And the best bit is — it burns kilojoules fast!

Pump classes
Enlist yourself in a pump class once or twice a week. Pump classes are great for tightening on toning muscles all over the body — including your legs.

When trying to shift fat and lose weight diet plays a big part in results. Cut out all foods high in sugar and minimise the amount of carbohydrates you consume each day. Increase high-protein foods and fresh vegetables to fast track your results.

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Why does everything that is good for u have to be such hard work? i just cant stand doin excercise but just luv lookin in da mirror an seein da results of my daily torture LOL

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