Honorable Honor Dillon

Good Health magazine
Monday, October 25, 2010
Good Health magazine
Hockey darling turned business woman Honor Dillon has managed to keep a (fairly) low-key profile - considering her fiancé is All Black Dan Carter.

After meeting Honor recently, we're sure this woman has her feet firmly on the ground and marrying such a famous and in-demand guy won’t stop her from achieving her own goals in life. Go girl!

We asked Honor to tell us the things that keep her happy and healthy. Here's her priority list for keeping a smile on her dial!

1. Making time for my family; I love heading down to Lake Taupo or Blenheim.

2. Going out to dinner with friends.

3. Partner-wise, making time for each other and finding a week or so where we can relax or do something different.

4. Finally, keeping a good balance with sport, activity and work.

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