What happens when we sunbathe?

It's almost time to get your summer tan - but do you know what's happening to your skin? We investigates what is really happening. READ FULL STORY sunburn

What are your symptoms telling you?

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What are your symptoms telling you?From sugar cravings to mouth ulcers, see what these everyday symptoms are really trying to tell you.

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The most effective ways to turn yourself off smokingThe most effective ways to turn yourself off smokingWhen it comes to quitting smoking, most people need a multi-faceted approach to keep them motivated so cravings are under control. Here are the experts' tips for quitting smoking once and for all.

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Body Mass Index Measure your BMI >>Find out if your body is in the healthy body mass index range. Calorie CounterCalorie CounterKeep track of your daily dietary intake. Burn BarometerBurn BarometerHow much exercise should you be doing?