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Kiwi women most promiscuous in world?

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Kiwi women are not the most promiscuous in the world, according to a long-running study.

A previous survey by condom maker Durex, quoted at a Family First conference on Friday by Timaru gynaecologist Albert Makary, found from a survey of 26 nations that Kiwi men had an average of 16.8 partners and Kiwi women an average of 20.4 partners.

The women's figure was the highest in the world.

But a long-running Otago multi-disciplinary study, which has tracked just over 1000 people since they were born in Dunedin in 1973, has found the opposite.

It says half of the respondents had 10 or fewer sexual partners by age 32, and half the women had eight or fewer partners.

However, the same survey showed a handful of highly sexually active men and women pushed up the average number of sexual partners by age 32.

By this age, the figure jumped up to 20.8 sexual partners for men and 13.3 for women.

The questions in the Dunedin study were based on a British survey done in 1990, 2000 and 2010.

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User comments
I doubt asians would contribute to the high figures because they tend to be more monogamous in general
Wow I wasn't asked to participate in this survey...I've got a long way to catch up. I can honestly say I've known the men I've slept with aka they were boyfriend's and I'm proud to say I'm Teetotal, I haven't had a drink in years, never done drugs and don't enjoy a night on the town and "getting loose". I highly doubt New Zealand would be the most promiscuous in the world, it has a very small population, and the majority of these women that have had more than 17 sexual partners have obviously been raped while they were drunk and not known about it and no one has done a thing to stop these perverted pigs. Wise up New Zealand men who are saying Kiwi women are ***, you’re not god’s gift to any women on this plant, the only women that would consider being with you are the ones you pay for or can legally stay in the country.
Just adding to debate about ethnic groups and sex. Maori people are our people, if you call yourself a Kiwi you can't seperate yourself from Maori. We are all Tangata Whenua, if you are born in this country. Asians in general have more tight family ties and worry what their parents and family will think of their sexual habits (if found out!). Hence the extremely high rate of Abortion amoungst Asian girls in this country. The the most promiscuous women I have known are Japanese and show little mercy when it comes to claiming the man they want regardless of his age or marital status. Now that is a true ***! As for Kiwi girls taking charge of their body, desires and letting loose as long as it doesn't hurt anybody good on em. Just know why you are doing what you are doing and dont let your heart get broken. And once again taking charge of your life is about being responsible for yourself and others. I have loved Asian, Maori, Pakeha- everybody same under the skin.
I think these statistics are a little inflated by some over zealous survey takers. However not remembering your sexual encounters might be a little bit more like not wanting to remember! Selective memory! I know a few people who have in their youth taken home a different lover each week. Nasty stuff. That is just really messed up. Frankly I couldn't be bothered. It is hard enough being with one person let alone so many you can't even remember their name let alone what they ate for breakfast. Where is the Love people? I am on my own but cringe to think about dating a kiwi after reading this article. I wonder how the prostitutes do their trade in this nation with Kiwi ladies carrying on like this? Must be fierce competition when supposedly you can get it for free. With drug resistant common STD's about to be next big hurdle in our poor old world I hope readers will take heed to my message- Always wear a condom no matter who you are banging.
This Doctor was talking for Family First, an immoral little group of would-be tin-pot dictators, Mary Whitehouse clones, wanting to be moral arbiters for the rest of us while holding on to their barely disguised bigotries. I don't trust any information affiliated with them and as a lobby group their bias is more than obvious. The fact that it isn't borne out by other more trust-worthy academic studies speaks to that. You almost expect Helen Lovejoy to jump up and panic "Will someone please think of the children???".
Even if we are promiscuous, The whole point that Dr Makary was pointing out was that Women were sleeping around drunk so much that they couldn't even remember who they slept with and ended up pregnant. When is that ever ok?? That should never be something to boast about
I had 17 different partners while I was in my 1st relationship, I slept it over 50 by the time I finished uni and skipped the country, There is nothing wrong with "cheating" its a humans perspective that its bad. Its fun and healthy to have sex and share, itsn't that the way we want to bring up our kids, "sharing and caring". LOVE'S a drug, and highly addictive!.... legal (sometimes) and free
the maoris arent native, do you know where the term pakeha comes from? heard of the moreories? your just another stupid *** who doesnt know ***, look at what the french had to say about there 15th century visit to nz, didnt know about it? didnt think so......*** the maoris, they dont understand there own culture because its not thiers! ask them the origin of there dancing and carving, its stemming from sumer via the white skinned moreories! that the cannabalistic maoris ate along with countless species
Well johannes, it's not 'social studies' it's 'history' and you forget the part about maori being settlers here as well, there were people here before them, and even those people were settlers. As far as 'raping your women' goes maybe you should look at current crime statistics and you're find that a certian ethnic group is over represented in terms of prison poplution. Also saying people cheat because they are abused is a load of crap, it's just people refusing to be held accountable for their own actions. It's never their fault they did something wrong, someone else drove them to it. Rubbish! You are not a mindless animal, you are a free willed sentient being. You are responsible for your own actions. If you chose to screw around thats all on you, no one else, just you.
Where are the rest of my 18.4 sexual partners? I apparently have alot of catching up to do. Obviously I wasn't asked to take part in this survey as I would have screwed their figures.

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