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UK mum gives boob job voucher to daughter, 7

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An English mother dubbed "the real life Barbie" has given her daughter a voucher for breast implants for her seventh birthday.

Sarah Burge — who claims to have broken the world record for having the most cosmetic procedures — said she gave her daughter the $9000 voucher after she pleaded to have the operation.

"Poppy begged me for a boob job, so I gave her the voucher so she can have it after she's 16, when it's legal," the 50-year-old mother told Closer magazine.

The mother of four said her youngest daughter squealed in excitement when she got her present.

"I wanted a new computer, a holiday and a voucher for surgery," the seven-year-old said.

"All my friends were jealous. I can't wait to be like mummy with big boobs."

Burge said she wanted to make Poppy into a glamour model.

The expensive gifts were part of a lavish $18,500 "pamper party" Burge threw for Poppy and seven of her friends, where they were given manicures, pedicures, makeovers and drank fake champagne in a hot pink party bus.

Burge, who has spent $800,000 on cosmetic procedure for herself, recently made headlines after admitting she had started giving her 16-year-old daughter botox injections when she was only 15.

Burge has three biological daughters, Poppy, Hannah and 25-year-old Charlotte, and step-daughter Jazzy, 17.

Mrs Burge has been the subject of a Japanese television series called Life As Barbie and has made a series of YouTube videos advocating for young people having plastic surgery.

Her website describes her as "British upper class, outspoken, demanding, gorgeously wacky and totally plastic apart from the boobs".

User comments
seriously what is with that accent and that whole plastic look... she is a circus freak!! She should not be promoted or promoting botox, boob jobs or any form of surgery especially when her's is so tragic. Just another wannabe barbie doll clone!!
Some people should never be near children let alone have them.. How utterly disturbing..
Why are we calling her real barbie when she looks terrible even after all the surgery she has had, $800,000 and you still don't look good!! I mean look at her nose, and she has all this makeup on and doesn't even look good STILL , what a bad role model to have as your 'mother'. You are really f++ked to be giving a gift like that to a 7 Year old, like she knows anything about surgery, if she knew the pain and the mistakes that happen, the 7year old would rip your your voucher up like another piece of paper in her coloring book!!!
Shocking its unbelievable.
Im 49yrs old with 2 adult daughters and 3 grandsons. Never had plastic surgery never want too. Im not against it if it makes you feel better about yourself ' go for it'. But to give a voucher for a boob implant to a child its beyond mind boggling to me. Okay its for when she gets to the legal age. O.M.G she could be a natural double d and then what make her bigger. I dont get sorry.
Seriously ***?? what is the world coming to!
What a *** of a mother
Its a pity how women (mostly) spend all this money on plastic surgery for others instead of themselves. If it was just for themselves I am guessing a boob job and maybe a dose or two of botex would be enough!

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