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NZ's childhood immunisation rate reaches record high

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New Zealand’s childhood immunisation rate is now at a record high.

Community group Plunket, which gives immunisation information to parents and caregivers, said it was positive news for Kiwi kids, particular those of Maori descent.

Clinical advisor Allison Jamieson said immunisation was "a vitally important a tool to protect New Zealand families and communities".

“Particularly pleasing to see is the 14 per cent increase in the immunisation rate among the Maori and Pacific communities,” she said.

“Immunisation has a profoundly positive effect not only on the individual but on the whole of the population thereby improving community immunity from the disease."

Immunisation prevents against serious diseases including measles, mumps and rubella.

To check when children are due for immunisation check the immunisation schedule at or call a doctor.

User comments
I looked into Vaccinations years ago after I realised my nephew had got Polio from the Polio sip as a baby. Since then I have never jabbed my kids with those vaccinations they promote and never will. My son who is now 17 is a healthy young man into all sports and has never been to a doctor in his life and also never had a vaccination.
Well done NZ! Nice to see we're finally starting to get more inline with other western societies when it comes to protecting our children.
Parents need to take responsibility for their child's health and fully investigate the pros and cons related to vaccinating in order to make an informed decision that benefit's THEIR child. Measles and mumps stats may be down but learning difficulties and allergies are fast becoming an epidemic! My daughter has not been vaccinated and I believe that is probably one of the best starts in life I could have given her.
I also agree that increased vaccination is not good. Yes it does pay to have informed consent. It is a shame that we live in a time where knowledge is only a fingertip away and yet the "powers that be" listen to scientists who line the pockets of the pharmacuetical industry. But I guess the Do-Gooders of to-days Politicians need to feel useful and believe in their cause especially if they can encourage maori and pacific island parents to immunise their little darlings so that the health of the greater community is not at risk.
If vaccination is that effective then why was vaccinated infectious disease falling in Europe at the same decline as the U.S when they had started their vaccine program in the 1930s?? The truth is hygiene improved better nutrition was established and isolation was established. If I stand on a rusty nail and get infected with tetanus then why do I then have to get a dead strain of the Tetanus if my body is already starting to make antibodies for the live strain??
This is not necessarily a Good thing just like tessie has alluded to, The public must be informed about what are actually in these so called vaccinationys. many people have died in the past and will continue to if people are not forewarned about the dangers of so called vaccinations.
Maybe parents should thoroughly investigate all information available re vaccination including a doco produced in Australia called 'vaccination the hidden truth' (available on line) or the links between autism & vaccination. Improved hygiene has more to do with reduction in serious disease & pharmaceautical companies make a lot of money out of peddling their vaccination which include mercury, other metals & other foreign matter which we all know is not good for anyones health let alone a child. My son has not been vaccinated with this poison & I am glad I made an informed decision.

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