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Brain haemorrhage transforms drunken lout into calm teetotaller

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A brain haemorrhage has transformed an abusive, binge-drinking man into a calm teetotaller who loves needlework and cooking.

Ken Merryweather, from Derbyshire in England, used to go straight to the pub after work and not come home until early in the morning and would then row with girlfriend Tracey.

But all that changed after a rare medical injury made the 44-year-old hairdresser a new man — so much so that his girlfriend agreed to marry him, according to UK media reports.

"There is no way I would've married him before but now he's completely gone the other way," Tracey, 47, was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

She found Mr Merryweather lying on the floor of their home one morning after a night of drinking.

The brain injury, which doctors said was not alcohol-related, meant that Mr Merryweather lost 50-70 percent of his memory and had to learn how to walk and talk again.

But he also picked up a love of cross-stitch, sewing and cooking.

"[The haemorrhage] has created some problems but it's made me a nicer guy to be around," he was quoted saying.

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