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World's largest breasted woman 'must lose 38KKK boobs or die'

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A Brazilian woman believed to have the world's largest breasts has been told she will die unless she has one of them removed.

Sheyla Hershey revealed earlier this week that she contracted a deadly infection after having surgery on her 38KKK breast implants.

Now the painful infection has worsened and the 30-year-old mother has been told she will need to lose one of her breasts to survive.

"Surgeons say there's an 80 percent chance I can keep one, but if I lose one I don't want to keep the other," she told Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

"The chance of being able to keep both is 10 or 20 percent."

The infection developed after Hershey underwent her ninth breast surgery in Brazil last month.

She then travelled to the US in the hope of curing the infection and fulfilling her "dream" of growing her breasts even larger.

But US doctors have refused to implant any more silicone in Hershey’s body, agreeing only to treat her infection.

The former model told of how the infection had left her in excruciating pain.

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User comments
No Sympathy what so ever for this person.She's pretty already without the big breasts,why go that far and later face the consequences.Dumb I thnk.
No woman with such lovely breasts should have them made smaller!
As a woman with FF breasts i think this woman is INSANE to want to go bigger? Mine are all natural and since i was 17 i have wanted a reduction surgery. This is totally unattractive and in reality what is the best job she can get out of this? Porn? There was the story of the woman who got fired because she was too sexy - how is this woman supposed to get a normal job at all? What will happen to her in her 50's? Natural is beautiful!!! - anyone who is considering mutilating their body by putting gigantic mounds of silicone in it should be fined! It is totally unattractive and impractical. This is sending out the most horrible message to our young girls on what is attractive and sexy.
treat the infection then try to love your body for you
How to make 20lbs of FAT look good? Put a Nipple on it.
Thats what you get when you get too greedy!. bet she regrets going over the top with her implants now!...a little implants ok but not crazy amounts like her.thats just disgusting!

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