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Baby born with mask face in China

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A Chinese baby born with a rare facial deformity that makes it appear like he is wearing a mask is being prepared for corrective surgery.

Zhao Huikang suffers from a severe form of macrostomia, a condition that leaves sufferers with an abnormally wide mouth, the Shanghai Daily reports.

Photographs of Zhao show his mouth appearing to stretch up to the middle of his face.

Zhao was born to a poor family in a rural area of the Hunan province. Family members encouraged his mother Yi Zilian to abandon him but she refused.

"The only thing I could do is to give him more love and more care and try our best to make him live a normal life," she said.

Zhao's deformity appeared so severe doctors were reluctant to let his mother see him after it was born, according to reports.

A Shanghai hospital has decided to provide free surgery to the boy to correct the deformity but Dr Ren Tianping said he may need many procedures over time as he grows up.

"Since he can't chew, the boy also suffers malnutrition," Dr Tianping said.

"Our surgery will ensure he can eat."

The procedures will repair the facial bones, muscles and surface tissue but doctors are still unsure whether the surgery will be successful.

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User comments
this is a very sad moment in this mothers life, and i give her my thoughts and prayers.
hope a good maxillo-facial surgeon is involved here-otherwise things could go v wrong.
It's so nice too have parents that still love their children no mater what!! ....My prayers go out to the patient, caring Mother...because of Love her child was able to surivive and have a chance in life in this difficult situation....Hope things go well, All the best for the family and the Medical team......God Bless
All the Best Health Luck and Blessings to the mother and child.Hope that all the great Doctors around the world will read this article and give a helping hand to little Zhao.As long as Zhao is healthy and strong good education and lotsa love and cuddles and support both mother and child all will be fine.Zhao hugs and cuddles from me in NZ.
I am very aware that family members wanted this baby to be abanded This perhaps is also love for the daughter who has given birth There remain many barriers huddles in society and at times can be quite over whelming There is no right way nor wrong way of doing things I challenge any person to show me the book of right or wrong We all do things that are and feel right for us Please do not judge this family They did what they thought was right This woman has done was she considers right for her Then surely this is right May love understanding patience and knowing that differences with all of us is there All of us can sit on the fence and judge and say if this were us we would do this and that Allow us to support family new mother and baby Let us walk beside both and have compassion and empathy May all those that surround this new mother have the courage and strength that is needed now and for the future May this child prosper with love from all
She is a brave and heartfelt mother.
Little Zhao, God bless you. I pray to God to give your parents more strenghth and hope for the surgery. I wish I could be on your family side. But I am in USA, only thing I could do is pray, pray and pray- so you can livewill full of life happiy and healthy, like other children.
My heart and admiration go out to the mother of little Zhao - a mother's love over riding physical deformity and the opinion of others. I can only imagine how difficult her situation must be having such enormous love and feeling so helpless to help her little one. Here's one person on the other side of the world who will be praying for you both. Grattitude to the doctors who have stepped in to help also - all the best with the procedure to help Zhao and his mother, God bless!
It is lovely that this wee chap is being helped - this is pleasing, however the reporter or journalist who wrote the piece could have taken better care with their choice of words - "... after 'it' was born". Please take more care ...
hoping the corrective surgery is successful and a precious gift for a wonderful mother! So encouraged by the Medical team too.

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