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Cruise control: call for ban on toddlers' heels

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Kids clothing stores have begun to stock fashionable footwear following Suri Cruise's appearance in heels — and parenting groups are outraged.

UK retailers including GapKids, Asda and Next are selling high-heeled shoes for girls as young as three, the Daily Mail reports.

Online group Mumsnet has reacted angrily launching a Let Girls Be Girls campaign, which asks retailers to sign up to a code of practice and to not sell products that prematurely sexualise children.

Group spokeswoman Justine Roberts told the Daily Mail some toddlers' shoes she had seen "look more suited to a lap-dancing club than the feet of a young girl".

Health experts have also warned that wearing heels at a young age can damage feet early in life, causing lower back pain and arthritis.

It has also been reported that even slightly higher shoes shorten calf muscles while lengthening others.

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User comments
Not shame in posting that comment huh? I think Colin needs to see a psychologist about his pedophiliac tendencies. He obviously thinks it's ok. Poor man has some issues!
Our little ones dont need to look older . kids should be kids for as long as they can, Cause there is so much out there these days where wear heels ect now .when they can later on in teens.
you damn pedo
I don't know why ppl care what parents are buying for their children these days, is it because they wish that they can buy their own kids things that celebrities can for their own. OMG how I would love to take my daughter out on a shopping spree. To say that they look more of lap dancers very shallow, lol I surpose no matter what one does is never good for another. Leave them alone I say if katie ever gets board spending money she can come take my daughter out shopping anytime
I don't think young girls should be wearing heals, it's not good for their feet as their feet are still developing and as it states it shortens the tendons and muscles, which gives them problems later in life. You are an adult a lot longer than you are a kid, just let them be kids while they can. There will be plenty of time for pretty dresses and high heel shoes. I lok at Suri Cruise and wish she could come and stay at my house for a while and just be a normal kid.
Sure Colin... make the little girls wear heels. You can be the one to deal with them after they grew up and became stumbling, weaving, bow-legged 'hot chicks' because they started wearing heels before their muscle managed to develop properly... Can you be anymore sexist? Grow up. Even older women have problem after wearing heels in prolonged period of time and you want to subject kids to it???
Have you seen Victoria B feet, they are ugly, why would anyone in their rite mind allow a child to wear heels knowing the damage heels do to feet....? And if a 5 year old is hot in heels than there are some serious issues in this world...... I know my feet are killing me after a couple of hours in heels, so why would you want a child to go through this at such early age, I think there is a need to ban heels for young children!
That is so ridiculous. A little girl wearing miniature heels like the one in the picture, is in no way 'sexualised'. If certain people look at her or other little girls in that manner, they are sick in the head to begin with. The fact that they found someone so young to be attractive in the first place is the problem, not a one inch heel.
Why ban heels? They look so hot on chicks no matter how old they are.

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