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Parkinson's Disease drug 'caused porn, gambling addictions'

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More than 100 people who claim a drug treating Parkinson's Disease has given them pornography and gambling addictions are suing the companies that sell them.

The group has launched a class action lawsuit against Pfizer Australia and Aspen Pharmacare after developing addictions after taking pills to deal with tremors, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Some claimants have said they lost thousands of dollars and experienced family breakdowns after developing gambling addictions from taking the drugs Cabaser and Permax.

Others reportedly developed compulsive sex behaviour including addictions to internet pornography.

A recent study in the US showed a connection between the dopamine agent in drugs treating Parkinson's Disease and compulsive, risk-taking behaviour such as problem gambling, shopping and binge eating.

The Australian class action writ filed in the Federal Court said Pfizer and Aspen Pharmacare breached a duty of care by failing to research possible side effects of their drugs, or by failing to heed research into side effects.

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User comments
Strange as it sounds I do recall that parkinsons is related to the dopamine release - an article years ago about a NZ farmer who still functioned well. So if the drug is targeting the dopamine switch then it is likely that their brain is unable to turn on the NO-STOP switch. It is similar with teens whose dopamine switch is still immature, and who we all see boy-racing, experimenting with drugs, alcohol and sex - it's the same for P users too who we all know don't know right from wrong when weilding a samurai sword. With dopamine over release the brain just sends signals that they are feeling good, doing no wrong and in no danger. Therefore if they were unaware of this side-affect their lawsuit stands on solid, if a little twitchy, ground.
My mother has Parkinson's Disease and the doctors told her this could be one of the side effects of the drug, shes not having these problems of becoming addicted but maybe if you have an addictive personality it may trigger something off. I can't see that these people have a leg to stand on trying to sue the company as its written on the pamphlet that this can be a side effect and so they should have been forewarned to watch out for any signs of this behavior.
I Finally have an excuse.
only way these people could get addicted is by taking the first step and looking for internet porn. that was their choice. drugs cant make you addicted to something you dont do. They just want money. and people will do anything or complain about anything to get it.
Its really Unbelievable.

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