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Cigarette price hike

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Smoking is set to become even more expensive with the cost of a packet of 25s increased by $1.10 overnight.

The price increases are the result of legislation passed last night in Parliament that increases tobacco tax.

By 2012, smokers will be paying an extra $5 for a packet of 25s — that's a 30 per cent increase.

By then a packet of 20 will then cost more than $14 and 25s more than $17, according to media reports.

The Government says the tax increase will save 300 lives by 2021 and force 40,000 of about 900,000 smokers to quit.

But some tobacco companies fear the price hike will leads to a rise in tobacco robberies and fuel the black market trade.

ACT MP Sir Roger Douglas, one of just four MPs who opposed increasing tobacco taxes, said the move is an attack on the poor.

Do you think the Government's tobacco tax hike will benefit the health of New Zealanders or is it an attack on the poor? Have your say below.

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User comments
Authoritarian government in NZ is becoming only too common and will eventually step on the civil rights of everyone--Who has the right to say what is right and wrong for others? Cigarettes now cost a quarter of my pension and I have absolutely NO intention of quitting..instead I will be requesting a tobacco allowance as I have been smoking since the early 1960`s and enjoy it, in the meantime my family goes hungrier,,,thank you, you little do-gooder beggars!,,self righteous hypocrites, I *** smoke in your pathetic faces!
As far as I know they don't put all that tax money back into the health system for smokers and if they want to die from smoking then privatize the health system. I'm a libertarian and I see this as behavior control. The nazis were the first to implement anti-smoking campaigns to see how they could control peoples behavior. Does that mean the nazis are good because they were against something supposedly bad? Our freedoms are slowly diminishing, even if they do have honest intentions about peoples health they are controlling us and it's just going to get worse.
a lot of non smokers dont relise that smoking is a addiction smokers are addicted the body needs a nicotine fix just like a junkie needs their fix . how can the goverment expect people to give up something their addicted to. if they realy want us to give up STOP making tobaco shut the factorys down. i no the goverment make a lot of money gst on smokes so they wont do that they probly rub their greedy fat hands together when they see that young child have thier 1st puff noing for the next 50 yrs or so they'l be buying smokes. its worng that the goverment let factorys continue to make and sell such a addictive drug. .
if the price for smokes go up everyone pays more so explain to me how it is a attack on poor people.Anyway if you dont have money why do you spend the bit you have on smokes.dont add up how you look at it
it,s now cheaper to buy dope now, our kids will end up on drugs, thank you what were the goverment thinking oh more tax money why didnt they start from primary schools to stop the kids from smoking , no, not our clowns in our goverment, they didnt think about that, and not all deaths are cause by smoking and people live into theyre 80s and 90s its just all crap to get more money
Well ive been smoking since ive been 15yrs old im now 30 and still smoking..Ive actually cut back though..I spend $50 a wk on tobacco, no price hike is going to make me quit smoking..Some shops are worried they're going to robbed of smokes which is true,..For me it feels as if some of my human rights have gone..Whats next? We cant *** in a public toilet? Cant smoke in the main street?
So now the government put prices up, WHATS NEW? Im pretty sure according to statistics New Zealand smoking is not the ONLY cause of cancer. Yet again we blame the easy target. Anyone ever thought that enviromental pollution helped our health? Or the way we choose to eat? Smoking is used by ALL social statuses. To say only the poor smoke is a joke. Like saying only the poor sell and use A class drugs. Give it a break the last time i heard it was a free world. Not too sure now.
Why is it that soooooo many non-smokers and ex-smokers have an opinion on the tax offered to those that actually get on with it and smoke the cigarettes? I say they are all closet smokers who need to come out...................and they DO!! They are all over people who make their own choices in life and feel confident about what they choose to do even to the point of carrying scissors in their sad cigarette-free handbags so that they can whip them out at a moments notice and slice off the end of my (now very expensive) cigarette because I am invading their SPACE!!?? I smoke, I like it, I don't care how much it costs, I am quite aware of why the tax is steadily increasing and I would like to continue thank-you very much. I vote for a tax on opinionated non-smokers and scissor weilding citizens!! Puff.
You are a rediculous cost to NZ - money spent on your health care when you get sick and don't have health insurance. You show our young children (leading by role model- wether you want to or not and wether you know the kids or not they see it) that it is OK to smoke. The problem I see with increasing the cost of smoking is not that they are making it harder on anyone- they are making it easier- you get to slowly kill yourself while NZ pays for you to stay alive when you get sick- you should be let die as that is obviously what your aim is. You immediately jump in saying "big bully government charging you more- you get charged more than enough as it is" when the cost of keeping smokers alive increases every day. What the government should do is completely ban cigarette and tobbacco sales altogether! That way the costs of keeping you alive will rapidly decrease- the 'simple' people in NZ would move oversease and smoke elsewhere to become someone elses problem.
Four people at my work are trying or have quit smoking since the announcement of the price rise. Any incentive to help people want to quit has got to be good, better for their health, better for their families and they can use the money they save for other beneficial things. Sometimes the hardest things are for the best

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