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What the sex experts wish you knewWhat the sex experts wish you knewFrom fantasies to porn, and positions to bedroom 'rules', we pick the brains of five leading sex experts to find out the key things they really want couples to know.
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Why being in love is good for youResearchers continue to uncover new reasons why being in love is good for you. We unearthed the... Relationship mistakes to avoidIt’s a sad fact that we save our worst behaviour for the one we love, but some red flag habits need... ThinkstockSigns of a potential break-upIt's not uncommon to find yourself in a dead-end relationship and wonder why you're there.... Boost your sexual confidence after a babyA baby brings many changes to a woman’s body, emotions and lifestyle. It may take a while to get... (Photo: Thinkstock)Porn damaging one in three relationshipsOur failed relationships could come down to increased porn consumption according to experts. And... Four Ways To Make Love Last Longer Image: GettyFour ways to make love last longerIf the romance has gone out of your partnership, here are four ways to recreate that loving... Flirting at the bar. Image: GettyHow to spot a pick-up artistWould you know if you were being picked-up by a professional? What's your magic number?There's every chance that - like many women - you feel a bit uncomfortable talking about the number... The seven deadly sins of sexLearn how to avoid commiting the seven deadly sex sins with behaviour and relationship expert Dr... How much jealousy is too much?Anyone who has ever loved has at some stage succumbed to jealousy.

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