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How to help your child make friends at a new schoolHow to help your child make friends at a new schoolTrying to make friends can be nerve-racking for your child especially if they are starting out at a new school.
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Raising boysThe building blocks you set up for your boy today will determine the kind of man he will be... Ten reasons to embrace fatherhoodSome people say staying child-free is one way to make sure you stay happy. Young married couples... Your say: how old is too old for kids to 'bed share' with parents?Angelina Jolie has inadvertently weighed into the bed-sharing debate by telling the Kyle and Jackie... To jab or not to jab: the case for vaccinationLast year a Unicef report on child welfare ranked New Zealand's immunisation rates among the worst... Stressed parents make kids illParents suffering from stress are not only making themselves sick, but may also be making their... Introducing kids to a healthier lifestyleWorking parents often make food choices based on convenience. Here are some quick and easy ways to... Having more kids means more dental problemsMore kids can mean big dental problems for parents. Smiley babies give mother natural highNew research from the US suggests seeing your own baby smile activates pleasure receptors in the... Stepdads under the spotlightFairytales like Cinderella make stepmums out to be the baddies, but it's actually the... Childhood obesity. Image: GettyChildhood obesity linked to DNASome severely obese children lack key segments of DNA, which causes them to overeat, researchers in... Breastfeeding may boost baby's IQAn international team of researchers has found evidence that suggests breastmilk can make children...

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