Heartburn during pregnancy: 10 surprising triggers

Heartburn during pregnancy: 10 surprising triggers

Pregnancy can be a magical time of excitement and good health as the miracle of life develops within, but it can also be a time of extreme physical challenges, one of which is heartburn.
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Bleeding gumsPregnancy hormones work to soften your ligaments and body tissue, helping to prepare your body for... Bleeding during pregnancy: the reassuring truthSeeing blood in your knickers when you go to the loo is every pregnant woman’s worst fear. But... Just let me sleep!If one more person suggests that your sleepless nights are good preparation for when the baby... Beat pregnancy backacheHalf of all pregnant women have back pain at some point, but there are some simple ways to relieve... Beat stress incontinenceIf you're feeling like a garden sprinkler without an off button then you're probably suffering from... A pain in the pelvisAround one in 35 pregnant women get symphysis pubis dysfunction — this is what you need to... Beat varicose veinsWhile your mother might have been told that they were an inevitable result of being pregnant,... Drugs: what's safe in pregnancy?While you probably think nothing of taking an aspirin for a headache or dosing yourself up with... Understanding scansAs well as giving doctors information about how your fetus is developing, an ultrasound scan is... Coffee on the menu for pregnant womenGood news for mums-to-be. New nutrition guidelines state that pregnant woman can drink up to three...

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