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Image: ThinkstockEight signs of menopauseMenopause affects every woman differently. For some women menopause is a non-event, whereas others... Image: ThinkstockSurvey: Our bad habits revealed641 New Zealand women took part in Good Health’s survey which uncovered the bad habits they’d love... Q&A alcohol & youWhat do women need to know about alcohol and its impact on our health? In response to your... The girl's guide to getting over guiltModern living's increasingly complex for women being pulled in a dozen different directions. Sadly,... Natural solutions for MenopauseA few lifestyle adjustments can make the transition into menopause easier to handle. Belly fat and osteoporosisA wide waist could put you at risk of brittle bones. Women with more deep belly or visceral fat... Slow downShift into the slow lane for greater health gains. Unlike house cleaning or hair removal, some... What women can learn from men about healthWomen do tend to outlive their partners and are, very generally, the healthier sex, but that... 30 habits of healthy femalesThere are a range of health issues that affect only women and there are some health conditions that... Check your breasts (Image: Getty)Know your breastsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we think you should mark it by getting in touch with...

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