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How to rekindle the romanceHow to rekindle the romanceMost couples argue from time to time, but if you’re having the same old conflicts again and again, it’s a sign that things need to change.
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Image: ThinkstockWhat the sex experts wish you knewFrom fantasies to porn, and positions to bedroom 'rules', we pick the brains of five leading sex... What not to say in a crisisExpert tips on how to help a friend in need. Why being in love is good for youResearchers continue to uncover new reasons why being in love is good for you. We unearthed the... What's your magic number?There's every chance that - like many women - you feel a bit uncomfortable talking about the number... Would you give up sex to be skinny?How far would you go to be skinny? Would you go as far as giving up sex for a whole year? Would you text during sex?Have you ever been caught turning up the heat under the sheets and suddenly your phone rings or you... Want to attract a man? Ditch the perfumeWomen looking for their soul mates might think twice about splashing out on the latest... What does Facebook say about you?What does Facebook reveal about your emotional state?

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Should I continue my affair with a married man? Our answer SEX & RELATIONSHIPS EXPERT Dr Gabrielle Morrissey

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