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How much exercise do you need?How much exercise do you need?You need 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep you healthy, but twice as much to keep you thin. Helen Foster does the sums to find out how much exercise we really need.
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Start strengthening your musclesPersonal trainer Sally Anderson says moving at least five minutes more a day and introducing... Step by step gets you back on fit trackMany life events can sidetrack a fitness program, so it's best to focus on the long game and... Spread your activities throughout the dayEven if you go to the gym most mornings, experts say the real key is to make your entire lifestyle... ThinkstockSix ways to stay fit these holidaysJust because you are busy with Christmas parties or heading away on holiday, doesn’t mean you have... Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor  Image: ThinkstockStrengthen your pelvic floorDo you have a pelvic floor problem? The first sign of a pelvic floor problem could be a bladder,... For good foot health you need to buy properly fitted shoes. Image: ThinkstockShoes: finding the right fitProperly fitted shoes are essential for good foot health. A significant number of people wear... Secrets to toning your bodyWhile many of us may want to ‘tone our legs’ or ‘get a six-pack’, the truth is you can’t actually... Stretches for the officeWe’re not designed to stay in the same position for extended periods of time. Sitting at a desk,... Strictly Dancing (Image: Getty)Strictly dancingBallet, ballroom and belly dancing may sound like fun, but can you swap them for the gym and still... Skip to better healthWhen was the last time you picked up a skipping rope and used it to good effect? Smart clothes that monitor your healthResearchers have designed new smart textiles that can monitor your health, detect when you're...

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