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Is the way you eat making you fat?Is the way you eat making you fat?Wolfing down your meal can restrict the release of "full" hormones in your gut, meaning you overeat, researchers in Athens have found.
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Make it to spring without gaining a kilo!If you've worked hard to stay slim and healthy over summer, it is possible to keep winter weight at... Image: ThinkstockMake a healthier sandwichTired of boring old ham and salad sandwiches? With some fresh ingredients and a little imagination,... Image: ThinkstockMake your metabolism work for youEvery sip and bite can count when it comes to making your metabolism work for you Magic mushroomsEat just one mushroom a day and you could protect yourself against breast cancer. Magic mushrooms: cancer cure?Mushrooms make a great addition to a recipe but according to new research eating mushrooms daily... Manganese: what is it?Think of manganese, if you've even heard of it, and you think of the periodic table that you...

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