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Seven ways to be a wonder womanSeven ways to be a wonder womanWe all know that woman who jumps out of bed and instantly looks glamorous yet subtly casual; that woman who doesn’t have crumbs on her new suit or bags under her eyes. The high-powered, super smart, well off woman we all want to be is only seven steps away.
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How metabolism affects weightMany myths float around about metabolism and what can help increase it, most of these myths can be... How to really read a food labelWomen who read food labels are 4kg lighter than those that don’t, found a study published in the... Heels can cause osteoarthritisLadies, it's time to embrace this season's flats, as new research from the US has found that... HRT does not raise risk of breast cancerA recent British study has found no link between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and breast... Hormones drive women to successResearchers say the hormone oestrogen fuels feelings of power and competition in women, the same...

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