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Ten diet tips that will transform your lifeTen diet tips that will transform your lifeYou've heard a million diet tips, but they never seem to stick. The reason? They're all based in the short term. Here's the truth about how to eat — and think about food — so your body can maintain a healthy weight over a lifetime.
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Good versus bad fatSick to death of conflicting information about dietary fat? We sort out the good from the bad The body looses two-and-a-half litres of water every dayGiving your body the fluids it needsThe body looses two-and-a-half litres of water every day which must be offset by a daily intake of... Where to find fresh food. Image: ThinkstockGood food movesTrouble losing weight? Those off-the-scale pressure levels could be to blame, says Anna Magee,... Good oilsPlant-based oils are a great way to get your ‘good’ dietary fats. Here are five of the best. Get body beautiful for summerThe swimsuit season is upon us so here's how to shape up and fast-track your summer fitness regime.

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