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How much exercise do you need?How much exercise do you need?You need 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep you healthy, but twice as much to keep you thin. Helen Foster does the sums to find out how much exercise we really need.
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Four ways to shake up your workoutHas your motivation gone missing? Here are four fun ideas to get you up and moving. Four quick strolls a week could reduce risk of early deathElderly people who take a 15-minute walk four times a week reduce their risk of an early death by... She's probably fitter than most would think. (Thinkstock)Fit or fat? You can be both.Getting fit provides substantial health benefits, even if you remain overweight, a recent study has... Commong running injuries to watch out for. Image: ThinkstockFour common running injuriesWhat types of injuries should runners be on the lookout for when training? Fitness myths debunkedTheory has it that lifting weights generates hormones that help release fat from body stores. Facts about barefoot runningThe subject of barefoot running has stirred much debate. If you’re considering throwing away your... Fitness motivation 'only lasts six months'Gym-goers who don't feel that "exercise buzz" are likely to give up within three to six months of... Focus on cross-trainingHow can cross-training benefit your exercise programme and your fitness? Focus on trampingTramping, or bushwalking, is a great way of getting out and about and relaxing in natural... Focus on RPM and cycle classesSpin (also variously known as cycle classes or RPM) is one of the biggest fat-burning workouts you... Fitness of the futureWith manufacturers keen to invent the ultimate alternative to 'traditional' workouts, the latest...

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