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What are your symptoms telling you?What are your symptoms telling you?From sugar cravings to mouth ulcers, see what these everyday symptoms are really trying to tell you.
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Detox your homeFrom detergents to weedkillers, the average home is full of chemicals. Digital etiquette for kidsWhether your primary schooler is blogging or your teen is emailing a potential employer, there are... Doctors tell: 'How I prevent cancer'Make simple lifestyle tweaks to minimise your cancer risk, prescribe four doctors. Diabetes managementHere are some steps to help you keep diabetes management on track. Diary a dentist appointmentRegular visits to your dentist can help prevent teeth and gum problems. Dental boot campScientific researchers are discovering new ways to protect your smile. Daylight saving: upsetting your body clockDaylight saving has ended, and even though in the last couple of years it has been extended by a... Bubblegum to replace insulin jabs? Image: GettyDiabetes: bubblegum may replace insulin jabsDiabetes sufferers may soon be able to chew bubblegum for insulin, rather than take daily...

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