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How much exercise do you need?How much exercise do you need?You need 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep you healthy, but twice as much to keep you thin. Helen Foster does the sums to find out how much exercise we really need.
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Discover your inner dancerYou can dance with a partner, in a group or by yourself. You can follow strict disciplines or just... ThinkstockDrop five kilos in five weeksReady to get in shape? Here's how to do it. Does your BMI tell you the whole story?A body mass index (BMI) measurement is a great thing if a quick and easy verdict is what you're...

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Body Mass Index Measure your BMI >>Find out if your body is in the healthy body mass index range. Calorie CounterCalorie CounterKeep track of your daily dietary intake. Burn BarometerBurn BarometerHow much exercise should you be doing?