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Natural ways to beat hayfeverNatural ways to beat hayfeverSpring is in the air; the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming … but wait, you can't see anything because your eyes are watering, and wait a minute, A…ch…oooo! Yes, allergy season has officially begun!
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Cold and flu myth bustersIt's the season of the lurgy! Get up to speed on what's true or false when it comes to cold and flu. Clean SweepHow often should you replace your toothbrush, bath towel, gym shoes or kitchen sponge? These expert... Centenarians claim secret of long lifeA string of villages in China boast long-living residents. Experts put their longevity down to... Common mistakes parents of teens makeBut if you're guilty of one or more of these slip-ups, as described by family psychologist Ian... Curly health questions answeredDesperate for an answer to your curly health Question? We may have the solution with Helen Foster. Cold combat: beat the winter lurgyEach year, at least 20 per cent of Kiwis are infected with Influenza. A dietitian, naturopath and... Can kangaroos prevent skin cancer?An enzyme that repairs DNA in kangaroos, but is not found in humans, could hold the key to...

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