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The 3 best ways to curb sugar cravingsThe 3 best ways to curb sugar cravingsWith the amount of sugar found in common foods, it’s hard to avoid the sweetener. Make it easier on yourself (and your waistline) with this easy-to-follow advice. Click through to find out how to nip those pesky cravings in the bud.
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GettyCoffee: good, bad or ugly?Janet Marshall, naturopath from Elevate Performance & Health Centre spills the beans on our coffee... Common diet mistakesIf you’re dieting but not losing the kilos, these habits could be sabotaging your efforts. Conquer your food cravingsDiscover the real reasons behind your eating habits and you could be on the path to weight loss. Carbs that burn fatCarbs contained in foods such as potatoes and rice usually get pushed aside as soon as anyone... Crash diets may reduce life spanBinge eating followed by crash dieting could mean a reduced lifespan. Christmas challenge: party foods to avoidIt's the silly season! So what party foods are kinder on the waistline?

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