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Ways to protect your heartWays to protect your heartAn estimated 17 million people worldwide die of cardiovascular disease, particularly heart attacks and strokes, every year.
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All about cholesterol: a beginner's guideIf you're a health conscious person, or a person who cares even slightly about long-term health and... Are you jeopardising your health?While these habits may seem harmless, you may be jeopardising your health while sitting in your own... Are you too clean?Here, Professor Gatenby explains what you need to know about cleanliness… Image: ThinkstockAllergen avoidance checklistThis checklist provides tips on how you can minimise exposure to allergens and reduce the severity... Image: ThinkstockAre you too healthy?Being vigilant about your health is important – but can you overdo it? Karen Fittall investigates... What can increase your risk of osteoporosis? Image: ThinkstockAre you at risk of osteoporosis?We reveal the factors that can up your chances of osteoporosis. Are you doing it right?We've consulted the experts to find out the best way to do everyday activities, says Helen Foster. Are you vitamin D deficient?Could you be running low on the sunshine vitamin? Here's how to top up. Achieve healthy digestionThe amount of exercise you do, whether you drink alcohol or smoke, how you feel, some medications... Anitbacterial wipes can spread superbugsInstead of getting rid of bacteria, the disinfectant wipes routinely used in hospitals may actually... Appetite-regulating hormone linked to Alzheimer'sA study has linked the hormone leptin, best known for its energy and appetite-regulating... Anger at work could be bad for your heartDo you bottle up your anger when your boss treats you unfairly? It may be harming your health.

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