What does Facebook say about you?

Sarah-Belle Murphy
Thursday, December 3, 2009
Facebook status

What does yours reveal about your emotional state?

The fact that Facebook has risen to be the social networking tool of the decade is undeniable. So much so that many companies across the globe have put restrictions on their employees accessing the website from the workplace to reduce staff wasting time nattering to friends. But it's not the time spent on the site that is most revealing about its users but the status updates.

Your updated status is viewed by your handful or hundred-odd friends in your "book" who inevitably include ex-partners, ex-colleagues and old classmates, ie, people you may want to send out a specific message to. However, the message you type out may not always be read in the way you intended.

Upbeat, boastful, needy, desperate, lonely or even insecure, your status may reveal more about your emotional state than you realise — or even want to put out there.

Wonder what yours says about you? Check out our Facebook status decipherer.

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