What's in the April issue of Good Health?

Good Health magazine
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
April issue of Good Health magazine

We take a sneak peek inside the latest issue of Good Health magazine.

Fertility special: Our 12 page special looks at the results of the Good Health reader survey about fertility, real life stories, and how to maximise your chances of conceiving and what to do when it isn’t working.

Recipes with spice: Delicious, spicy dishes to add to your dinner repertoire, including chicken quesadillas with guacamole and grilled corn and courgette salsa.

Your hormone clock: Whether you’re sleeping, eating or having a cuddle, hormones are at work behind the scenes.

Slim down, naturally: We look at four alternative therapies, including meditation and naturopathy, to help you lose weight.

Three ways to a better bottom: Our trio of experts reveal how to eat, dress and exercise your way to a great looking behind.

Health handbook: Our 10 page health handbook contains all the information you need to know to keep your feet in top condition.

Four-week meal planner: Nutritionist Kate Wilson prepares a seasonal food diary to help keep you on-track and avoid bingeing on Easter eggs.

Free diet diary: This month’s issue of Good Health also contains a six-week health-plan diary.

Plus, you could win a trip to Thailand with Intrepid Travel!

Good Health magazine

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