Laziness a 'disease'

Holly Enriquez
Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Being sedentary worse for your health than being obese

Physical inactivity should be classed as a disease, alongside obesity, two leading health experts claim.

Dr Richard Weiler and Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis have suggested that physical inactivity be classed as a disease as the link between inactivity and poor health is so strong, the UK's Daily Telegraph reported.

Obesity is already classed as a disease by the World Health Organization, but obesity is often due to a deeper cause — not doing enough exercise, said Dr Weiler, specialist registrar in sports and exercise at the UK's Imperial College Healthcare.

"Given the significant associated mortality and morbidity," Dr Weiler and Dr Stamatakis wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, "we propose that perhaps physical inactivity should also be considered for recognition as a disease in its own right."

Earlier this year, Dr Weiler said that the lack of fitness was the cause of more ill health than being overweight. He suggested that rather than pumping money into treating the outcomes of physical inactivity, instead offering GPs a financial incentive for promoting exercise to their patients. It is recommended Kiwis get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most, preferably most days of the week for health.

Physical activity can:

  • help prevent heart disease, stroke and high-blood pressure;
  • reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and some cancers;
  • help build healthy bones, muscles and joints and reduce risk of injury; and
  • promote physical wellbeing.

Getting started? Here are some tips to get you moving.

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User comments
I enjoy reading the majority of articles or reports on MSN. However, I am somewhat frustrated with the lack of information included in some articles. First of all all a disease as most people know it is a medical condition which has been passed on gentically or from another person or source, Thats not quoting the dictionary at all as I'm sure you will see something quite different. However most people think of a disease being like aids, HIV, cancer etc. I would laugh in the face of a fatty if they told me that they were suffering from a disease. Not said lightly as i was 91kg at the age of 12. Now i'm 68kg, 24 and fit as a fiddle. In saying that I realise that most obesity related cases arise from slight depression of emotional scarring of some sort. All the absolute junk we are all eating is in turn making as depressed, fat and misserable. Whens the last time you saw someone smiling while taking a walk on the street? its a rare sight to behold.
Obesity and laziness like stupidity is NOT a disease! Too many excuse's these days, not reasons, are being purported, as well syndrome's given for all manner of ailments to appease the PC correct brigade! Madness, absolute madness!
this is ridiculous... just because something is linked, (LINKED! ie correaltion) to poor health doesnt make it a disease.. this is just a horrible example of semantics meaning so much to people. Dr Weiler's "financial incentives" are a perfect snapshot of the society that has caused so many people to be "inactive". the solution isnt getting doctors to promote exercise with money! (AH!) its stupidly simple - stop giving consumers mind-squashing devices like computers and iphones... stop this technology explosion for say maybe five years, enough time for people to look out their window in curiosity to wonder what is beyond the top of that hill they can see... they may even then get the drive to walk up there and see for themselves rather than just google it. basically what im saying, these two doctors are ridiculous, this is very bad science on their behalves and theyre trying to use an emotive word such as "disease" to get noticed. wow it worked. shame.
When are we going to stop making up excuses for people so they can feel better about themselves? Laziness isn't a disease, it's an attitude which is developed when they are allowed to get away with it, and it can be corrected. I'm sick of all the ridiculous excuses for people with bad habits who end up getting money from the government because of that, paid for by people like me who work hard and make an effort to eat well and stay healthy.

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