Winter fitness tips: make the most of your workouts

Beverley Hadgraft, Good Health magazine
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Winter fitness tips
Keep moving through winter and make the most of your workouts, writes Beverley Hadgraft.

1. Keep a pair of trainers at work and take a walk in the sun during your lunch break. It’s a great pick-me-up and you’ll be free to curl up on the sofa after dark.

2. Drink water when exercising in winter. We tend to drink less water in winter, but cold air has a drying effect that puts us at risk of dehydration.

3. Take up an indoor class on dark winter nights.Try something new like swimming or a Pilates, martial arts or dance class. If you prefer team sports, indoor soccer or netball are both good options.

4. Avoid being chilled after sweating if you’re going out for a run or a walk. When you start, run or walk into the wind, then return with it at your back, this way you’ll cool down more gently.

5. Don’t overdress for a walk or run. Your body will heat up quickly and being overheated is just as uncomfortable as feeling cold. If you leave the house for your run feeling toasty, you’re likely to overheat quickly.

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